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7 Volts for Quieter Fans

Not every LANboy has spare bays for additional knobs and switches to control the countless electronic devices contained within. Whether low on bezel space or just interested in a clean way to run your fans just fast enough to start them spinning at power cycle, try this: every power supply has molex connectors to power PATA hard drives or disk drives and each connector contains four wires; 1 red (5volt), 2 black (ground) and 1 yellow (12volt). The fans are designed to run on 12 volts, but by grounding the fans to the 5 volt lead instead of the ground wire, a voltage drop can be applied, in which the difference of the voltages (12 – 5 = 7) becomes available.

Depending on the configuration of your fan, you may be able to remove the male molex connector pin from the molex housing with a small, flat, eyeglasses screw driver. The pin has two “fins” on either side which hold it inside the housing. Turn off the power to your computer and unplug the power supply from the wall before you do this. (I’m more worried about the components connected to that power supply than I am about you getting electrocuted.) Push the lead from the reverse side and press the fins into the pin with the screwdriver. Pull out the pin and reset the fins by putting the screwdriver up inside the pin and pushing the fins outwards. Move the ground pin from second position to last so that it contacts the yellow pin and push it in until you hear or feel the click of the fins setting into the housing. Assemble and power cycle.

Note: This modification may reduce the lifespan of the fan.


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