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How to Create a Mail Merge Document in Word 2007

Mail Merge has always been a useful time saving component of Microsoft’s Word and 2007 is no exception. To create a Mail Merge document, go to the Mailings tab at the top. You’ll notice that this opens up a list which is divided into sections based on function. The section labeled Start Mail Merge is where you’ll create a mail merge document. Click on Start Mail Merge and select the type of document you wish to create. If it’s just a letter, select Normal Word Document. Then select Select Recipients and Type New List. Select the button labeled Customize Columns at the bottom of this window Delete any of the columns which aren’t necessary as this will save you future trouble with this document. Finally, select Add and add as many columns as are necessary. Select Ok and begin entering your data into the columns. You can add the entire list right here, right now. Select Ok when you’re finished.

This next part is important. Save the Mail Merge List (what was just created) in either a central location with all other Mail Merge Lists, such as on a server, or in the same location as the document you’re creating. This will help to prevent future problems with lost files. If you do move either of the files anywhere other than where they were originally created, see this article to relink the files.

You will now want to insert merge fields into your document. Under the Mailings tab is a section called Write and Insert Fields. Place your cursor in the place you want a merge field and Select Insert Merge Field. In order to preview this document as it should appear, select the Preview Results button under the Preview Results section. Now you can navigate your way through your data entries with the arrows or the number of the entry. When you would like to print all of your entries, click Finish & Merge in the Finish section, then select Print Documents, All and Ok. Note that you have the option to print any range of entries, if you’re editing a continual database.

In case you are just editing a document which already has Mail Merge setup:
1. Open the document
2. Select Yes to allow the SQL command to run. Provided you haven’t misplaced the list, it should open immediately.
3. Select the Mailings tab at the top
4. Select the Edit Recipient List button below in the Start Mail Merge section
5. Select the Data Source in the bottom left list and select Edit
6. Add and remove entries as you see fit and select Ok when finished
7. Select Yes to allow the database to be updated and Ok again to go back to the main document
8. Select Preview Results from the Preview Results section at the top right and check your spelling
9. Select Finish & Merge in the Finish section, then select Print Documents
10. Select All and Ok to print all of your entries.


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