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Printing Labels on an Incomplete Label Sheet

I’m going to assume that you’re using Microsoft Word 2007 and have downloaded a template for the Avery 5366. If you don’t need to print all 30 labels at once but valuable pre-formatted text already exists for each label on the form, consider this:

Edit the label text for the labels you wish to print. Save the document as something other than the original template. Now select all of the text in the cells (labels) that you don’t want to print, select the Home tab at the top left, then select the Font Color button under the Font section to change the font to white.

Remember to place the labels upside down (with the print surface facing towards the center of the earth) and correctly oriented. If you are unsure of how your printer feed handles paper, place an X at the bottom left corner of the topmost paper in your paper feed, then print something. This will give you a reference for the orientation of your labels.


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