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Using Spotlight to Increase Productivity

Apple hit the nail on the head when they introduced Spotlight to OS X. Only it isn’t just a search utility, oh no. Hold down the command key (the key to the left of your spacebar) and tap the spacebar, launching Spotlight in the top righthand corner.

Use it to open an application quickly and without a single mouse click by launching Spotlight and typing the name of the program. You may need to navigate up or down in the Spotlight menu to the actual program the first time around, but Spotlight learns quickly.

Use it to look up definitions. Launch Spotlight and type in a word. The Dictionary application will look it up and, provided you wish for further clarification, you can navigate to the definition and hit the enter key to launch the Dictionary application. If you use any dictionary plug-ins, such as a German thesaurus, it will provide a translate right in the Spotlight window for your word.

Spotlight does simple arithmetic. Type in 5 / 2 or 4 * 3 and Spotlight will provide the answer without the Spotlight window.

You can use it to quickly find and listen to a song in iTunes as well. Just type in the name of the song and hit enter. Or, type in the artist’s name and navigate through a list of their songs. If iTunes is minimized, it’ll play the song without calling iTunes over your other windows. if it’s closed, iTunes will automatically launch.

So the next time you want to watch a movie, just type the name of the film into Spotlight and hit enter. Leave the mouse for precision work.


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4 thoughts on “Using Spotlight to Increase Productivity

  1. very useful, thank you sir

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