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Access an Alcohol 120% Image on a Mac

This procedure is not for the light of heart. It involves using the popular linux program Wine to run another program called AnyToISO, which can then be used to convert the Alcohol 120% file images (extension .mdf and .mds) into an .iso image. The .iso image is then readily mountable on any system.

My current system is a MacBook Pro Intel running Mac OS 10.6.2. with Xcode 3.2.1. installed. You will need Xcode to compile Wine.

Download the latest Wine source by visiting this link. We’ll assume that you haven’t changed your default download location and that it downloaded to your Downloads folder. Launch the Terminal application using Spotlight and use it to change directories to your Downloads directory by typing:

cd ~/Downloads.

Extract the tarball by typing:

tar xvf wine-1.1.34.tar.bz2.

If it is a new version of Wine, the filename is obviously going to be different. Make changed accordingly. Change directories into the newly created directory by typing:

cd wine-.1.1.34.

We are going to build Wine from scratch. Wine’s wiki has a section on building for the intel Mac here. As the wiki indicates, we need to run a few exports to build Wine with minimal fuss. Cut and paste the following code into the terminal, making sure to hit enter afterwards.

export CFLAGS="-arch i386 -m32"
export CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/X11/include"
export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/X11/lib"

Build the package by typing:
make depend && make

At this point I recommend downloading AnyToISO by clicking here. Change directories backwards by typing:

cd ..

Now run the newly downloaded executable with Wine by typing:

./wine-1.1.34/wine anytoiso.exe

Wine will eventually complain that Gecko isn’t installed. We don’t need it, so click on Cancel. The setup window will finally come up for AnyToIso converter. Click Next until you get to Install, then click Install, the finally Finish. The window that pops up won’t have any font displayed. It doesn’t matter. Click on the top right button with the folder icon on it and locate your .mdf file. Open it. Returning to the previous window, click on the botton left button with a disc and an arrow on it. It will show a progress bar which is converting your .mdf file into a .iso file in the same directory where you were.


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