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This site serves to document the solutions that I’ve come across through countless hours of googling, operating system installations and re-installations, workarounds and everything up to and sometimes including frustrated, forced power cycles. They are added as they come to mind, in no particular order. More often than not, the same solution can probably be found elsewhere. The point is to collect them into one database, which can be easily searched by myself.

A Note on this site’s formatting:

Applications or Programs are underlined and capitalized.

keys on the keyboard are bold and lowercase. Key combinations are concatenated with the + symbol. For instance, launching Spotlight can be accomplished by typing command + spacebar.

Text is italicized and formatted exactly as it should be entered.

If menus are utilized, The name of the tab will be italicized and each subsequent selection will be preceded by a closing bracket >.

“Messages” from any program or application are surrounded by quotes exactly as they appear.

Terminal commands will be formatted as code and should be followed by hitting the enter key.

An article under the “Test” section aims to document the result of very specific experimental parameters.

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